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Industry experts to headline Music Tectonics Conference

The 2020 edition of the Music Tectonics Conference will feature guest speakers from across the music and tech industry on 27 and 28 October.

The second instalment of the conference will be headlined by music industry researcher, writer and founder of Water and Music Cherie Hu and Warner Music Group chief innovation officer Scott Cohen. Other speakers will include BMG’s Louis Pratt, TikTok’s Corey Sheridan, and Roblox’s Jon Vlassopulos, among many others.

The industry pros will discuss a range of topics, including how to monetise fandom and how music is being used in social video, video gaming, mixed reality, live streaming, fitness and synch. They will also examine recent trends that have accelerated and shifted during the year.

“The year 2020 has upended many of 2019’s predictions, but it’s also accelerated some recent trends,” Music Tectonics director Dmitri Vietze said. “I’m excited to bring together this group of smart, thoughtful people from all corners of tech and music to map out where we are and where innovation is taking us next. The best conversations happen when you get people in a room together who might not normally talk. The rooms may be virtual this year at our online conference, but the conversations will be real and riveting.”

Additionally, the event will feature the Music Tech Investor Panel, a pitch session by startups and innovators who will get feedback from a jury of experts. The winners will be selected by popular poll and get the chance to promote their startup on the Music Tectonics podcast.

Launched by music tech PR firm Rock Paper Scissors last year, the conference is courtesy of Super Hi-Fi, Center for Creative Entrepreneurship, Art + Logic, LyricFind and Qobuz, among others.

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