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Music Tectonics launches tech networking app

US startup Music Tectonics has launched a social networking app for music technology professionals.

The free mobile app, which is now available on iOS and Android, is aimed at individuals at any level and in all sectors of the music tech industry. With the mobile app, members can connect with and message other users across the music tech macrosystem.

The platform consists of three main sections: News Feed, Community Forum, and the Ask and Answer Board, where members can contribute their news stories, share successes and challenges, ask for advice, and gain insights.

Membership also includes exclusive access to video content from Music Tectonics events, live streams and downloads.

Music Tectonics' vision is to create a space where innovators of music tech can create opportunities for each other. The company recently launched a podcast and conference called #WeeklyWebsday, which focuses on networking and curated topics by speakers and a global audience.

"We want to empower each of you in the community to put up your own shingle and use the Music Tectonics platform to get further faster with innovating, partnering, doing deals and helping inspire more creativity in our shared field," Music Tectonics founder and CEO Dmitri Vietze said.

"Whether you were at a major label or idea-stage startup, whether you wrote for a trade magazine or were an indie label testing out new B2B marketing tools, we became a tribe of like-minded people who were fighting for a better way for artists and their teams to succeed, with less friction and more creativity. We are constantly hearing about connections made and business achieved thanks to everything we have already done.”

During Music Tectonics' two-day forum on tech responses to the COVID-19 crisis, attendees and speakers were invited to try out the mobile app's web-only version, which saw more than 250 members join.

"All those early adopters are going to love the ways the mobile app improves on the web experience," Music Tectonics community manager Eleanor Rust said. "It's easy to find other members and connect with them, share posts to other social networks and messaging apps, and get notified when members respond to your posts."

Vietze previously launched music tech PR firm Rock Paper Scissors and a self-service music PR startup called StoryAmp, among other initiatives. Rock Paper Scissors has represented more than 2 000 projects from six continents with clients in the technology, music, health, events, publishing, design and social innovation sectors.

Music Tectonics will be hosting a number of launch events from 13 to 17 July. More information on the mobile app and the events can be found here.