Press Clipping
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If world events allow, you can spend anywhere from $500 to $1,500 plus plane fare plus hotel to go to Nashville in August and network with executives from AWAL, A2IM, UMG, BIG MACHINE, SONGTRUST and scores of other companies and organizations at MUSIC BIZ 2020—to take one random rescheduled industry conference—and depending who you are, you should. But it isn't August and it's possible you can't leave your house and you may or may not currently be employed and so here are some alternatives you might consider. This afternoon, as part of a series of online events during the week Music Biz 2020 was originally supposed to happen, you can hear TROY CARTER and his partners in the music/tech services company Q&A talk about what they do and how they've been navigating the quarantine; tomorrow you get WARNER RECORDS CEO AARON BAY-SCHUCK and COO TOM CORSON talking about how they worked DUA LIPA's FUTURE NOSTALGIA ALBUM. Alternatively tomorrow, you can, for example, listen in on a Songtrust-sponsored webinar on music publishing. Next Tuesday you can sit in on the next edition of Q&A's weekly Human Re-Sources panel with industry bigwigs. Or maybe you'll spend Tuesday and Wednesday taking in the two-day-long series of events at MUSIC TECTONICS' ISOLATE OR INNOVATE conference. All of this is happening on ZOOM. Listen via the usual boxes on your laptop or phone and network via the chat window on the side of your screen. Most of it is free; the Music Tectonics event, with panels ranging from "Music Tech Pivots" to "How Labels and Managers Can Come Out Ahead When the Dust Settles," requires a pay-what-you-can registration. There are dozens more options, and here's a giant unpaid shoutout to the MUSIC BUSINESS ASSOCIATION for curating the options on this regularly updated Google Doc. No one's paying me to tell you any of this, and in normal, non-quarantine times you'd be spending multiples of your paycheck to attend all these sessions. This is the music biz helping the music biz. Take advantage while you can... Speaking of the music biz helping the music biz: Maybe you know MATT PINFIELD, maybe you grew up watching Matt on 120 MINUTES, maybe Matt once interviewed you for 240 minutes about the b-side of your first single, maybe you're amazed and inspired by the fact that anyone loves rock and roll as much as he does. My friend Matt could use a little love right now... A legal challenge to COACHELLA's gargantuan radius clause, dismissed a year ago because Portland, Ore., promoter SOUL'D OUT PRODUCTIONS didn't have standing to sue, has been un-dismissed by an appellate panel that says the promoter does have standing. Portland is 1,000-plus miles from Indio, Calif., in case you're wondering how gargantuan Coachella's radius clause is... Arkansas GOV. ASA HUTCHISON says he's blocking that TRAVIS MCCREADY concert scheduled for Friday in Fort Smith, the one where seating was being arranged in pods with built-in six-foot radius clauses. The show at TEMPLELIVE was scheduled for three days before Arkansas is allowing indoor events to resume and hasn't been approved by the state health department, among other issues... "What good is it to be a man (and) how can I use that to make everything better rather than make everything worse?" JASON ISBELL chats with BILLIONS creator BRIAN KOPPELMAN about masculinity and other such subjects on the latter's THE MOMENT podcast... A short investigation into a certain US senator who has a RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS poster and a NEW POWER GENERATION drum head on the wall in the home office (hint: this senator doesn't represent either California or Minnesota)... SCORPIONS frontman KLAUS MEINE denies the CIA wrote "WIND OF CHANGE." Then again, he'd have to deny it, wouldn't he?... RIP CHARLES "FUZZY" OWEN.